19. Juli 2017
Wellenreiter 1.2 has released.
18. April 2017
We have just updated Effekthascher and Teppichlegr. Teppichleger v. 1.2 H Effekthascher v. 1.5 B - whats new / improved? - better AIR - limiter (now really nearly inaudible compression, even in bigger working ranges; extrem CPU-friendly) - refreshed GUI - misc small other optimizations - (only Teppichleger) a new octave-stepper (BETA) got implemented! If ON, the values of SQ 2 can be used for octave-jumping of all generators (just BETA: later more specific.) All owners should got an email with...
05. Januar 2017
Aggregati Musika updates Teppichleger to version 1.2 Over 50 "news", improvements, bugfixes... - new trigger-system: Autoplay; only selected "GENs"; All as long as pushed (pitched by key) - completely new mod-the-modulation-system (very simple, but very effective). - lot of overworked/optimized "modules", often with some new features - new library (256 new / optimized samples / 320 new "presets") - dozens of major and minor fixes / improvements / GUI-optimations... - new "addendum-manual", 2...
14. Oktober 2016
Oki, we have a lot of videos on YT (Here we will list only some of them) CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ep7pjY8W0jljAJepxqQSA PHRASENDRESCHER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8jxvZqAAQ0 EFFEKTHASCHER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqe9klRRc88&feature=youtu.be TEPPICHLEGER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjxnPBch76U
06. Oktober 2016
EH v 1.5 - news! SUMMARY__________________________ - one bigger and some minor Fixes / GUI-improvements - overworking all 3 pitch-shift / pich-delay-Fx - a new master-snap (=64 flex-presets), so now 596 flex in total available "out of the Box"! - „Hardware-Support“ (= template) for Maschine FIXES______________________________ Under some circumstances (especially switching a MS) the „new“ flex dosnt sound as „saved“ - Fixed!* The small packet-chooser in all views (except main and...
23. September 2016
EH v 1.4 whats new? FIXES: Under some circumstances, some flex does not sound as "saved"by the first click of the corresponding flex-area (or choose per remote). - FIXED! Under some circumstances, in some DAW, the saved song does not start with the corresponding (last saved) flex / bank. - FIXED! NEW / OVERWORK: - SEQ-Section now works really proper! - Optimized Mastersnap-section. - Optimized Flex-change and edits, now in all views available - 3 new master-snaps (each with 64 flex-presets =...
03. September 2016
WHATS NEW? FIXES - Missing-samples - fixed! - Batch-Paste (= double-click of paste and the whole bank gets 8 identically flex from the last copy-order) dosnt work proper - fixed! - Under some circumstances a flex-change dosnt work proper - fixed. NEWS There is now an option, that TL will play as long the DAW is running, or only as long a note is held. Go to options (in the TL-Menu) and switch Autoplay/Trigger. In Trigger-Mode TL is only playing as long a note is held, plus the FX-echoes. DONT...
24. Juni 2016
EH v 1.3 - whats new? - new routing system, including parallel processing. - overworked GUI - overwritten Manual - some fixes and minor optimizations
24. Mai 2016
we have updated Effekthascher to version 1.21 whats new? ⁃ completely overworked, redesigned, improved... filters ⁃ a second filter-unit ⁃ new limiter on board (extrem easy to use "max-tool" without "coloring" for a big range) ⁃ available FX- and filter-types are now more than 100! ⁃ new manual(s) ⁃ one new master-snap = (64 flex, introducing the new filters) ⁃ so now there are 320 factory-"presets" (flex) in total ⁃ minor optimizations for the GUI Enjoy!
29. April 2016
FIXED - Some DLYs work first after a while: FIXED! - The Labels of the Knobs don´t show the right name in some circumstances: FIXED! - The Bank-Selector is not automate-remote-able under some circumtances: FIXED! - "Paste to all 8 flex (= DC paste)", work only for Bank 1, all other banks dont get the order: FIXED! - FX-order dont show / wire the right order in some templates: FIXED! - XY-pad: The indicator (and its booth values) is not reset by each flex-change: FIXED! - Random(s) and...

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