Release Date: 31.03.2016

Phrasendrescher is an arpeggiator XXL, a complete composition-suite in one compact and easy-to-use VST/AU.

It covers all aspects of "composing music": from creating chords and progressions, rhythm and/or arpeggiate the chords, writing bass- and melody-lines and giving stunning access to a lot of modulations/expressions/CCs.... You can even Programmchange if the host, the VSTi/AU support this from its GUI.

IF you want, you need only to choose a key and scale and Phrasendrescher does the rest - you dont need to know anything of musically-theory: Phrasendrescher keeps care that all your edits and stunts allways fit into your choose key/scale - all you need is a little bit taste of music.


Even if you know a lot of musically-theory Phrasendrescher is your perfect partner. You will writing down your ideas so much faster and "playing" ideas, variations, expressions, nuances... you maybe never had have without it. 


It works perfectly with all VSTi/AU you wich, you can easy midify (hostautomate) the parameters of the target VSTi/AU you wish and Phrasendrescher will remote them and writing all that datas in the recorded midi-file for keeping them or further edit in your host.


Dont draw automations/modulations/chords/progressions/variations/basses/melody-lines... PLAY them! 


Phrasendrescher invites you to try and realize your ideas without long minutes or even hours of drawing/editing-work, there are a lot of helpers in it, which speeding up your workflow dramatically. 


With it 2x8 Variations/Patterns you get fastest access to write all parts of your songs with only one preset. If you really need more, change the preset.


There are a lot of small tools, to speeding up your workflow drastically!


There is only one thing Phrasendrescher can not do: It can´t make the decision which is the best of all your ideas and believe me, with the assistant of Phrasendrescher you create so many ideas and variations in realtime- to make a decision can be a really hard work!