Effekthascher v 1.4

EH v 1.4 whats new?



Under some circumstances, some flex does not sound as "saved"by the first click of the

corresponding flex-area (or choose per remote). - FIXED!


Under some circumstances, in some DAW, the saved song does not start with the corresponding (last saved) 

flex / bank.  - FIXED!





- SEQ-Section now works really proper!

- Optimized Mastersnap-section.

- Optimized Flex-change and edits, now in all views available

- 3 new master-snaps (each with 64 flex-presets = 192 in total).

 - There is special addendum for all news as PDF - read this!




In most DAW there should automatically created an autark/unique small "window" for this DAW in an useful order for most popular "IDs".

You will need this window to access elements of your hardware as a remote-element or for automation in the DAW-clips/timeline.


I dont know why, but Ableton Live only creates untidy entries by default.

For this, there is a special Ableton template/preset (adg-file) in the folder.


Copy this to your Ableton-User-Lib > Presets > Audio Effects > Audio Effekt Rack and you will get a tidy window!

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