Teppichleger v 1.03




- Missing-samples - fixed!

- Batch-Paste (= double-click of paste and the whole bank gets 8 identically flex from the last copy-order) dosnt work proper - fixed!

- Under some circumstances a flex-change dosnt work proper - fixed.



There is now an option, that TL will play as long the DAW is running, or only as long a note is held. 

Go to options (in the TL-Menu) and switch Autoplay/Trigger. In Trigger-Mode TL is only playing as long a note is held, plus the FX-echoes. 

DONT forget to save the whole TL to your HD. Otherwise it will restart in the AP-mode! 

(There is no envelope for TRIG, well it is, but it dosnt work with proper with the automatically CPU-save in stop-mode, 

so its deactivated so far).



There where no automatically created DAW-own-window (with the corresponding main-knobs and elements in this small, unique "window" for remote/automate).

It is now!

Remark: In Ableton Live, there is no automatically created DAW-window. But i have created such a "template" for you. Use the AM TL- Ableton Live Template for this.



This is only a fast "emergency-update", not a real feature-update.

I apologize for the "Beta-Version", which was a hectic upload to keep the release date! 

As a "reparation-present" all of you will get our first xpander (4x128 fresh long-waves and hundreds of well designed flex-presets for free).



- The "cross-hair" in the Move-Bar dosnt get correct copy/paste-datas.

- Also the SQ-section dosnt work proper with copy/paste.

- The flex-follow(or not)-chooser for GEN; FX; MOD right below the Flex-Chooser was casually related to some "mysterious" behaviors. 

   There is no solution so far, so its completely deactivated now.


- There is an missbehavior in the wave-selector in each GEN. A double-click  (and also a right-click) in this area features 2 functions: 

DC inits all dials in this unit and RC randomes all mod-sources. This are proper work features, but unfortunately your OS can not decide what 

is a wanted DC and what are only 2 triggers in a fast sequence (to switch to the next or prev sample!) So, sometimes 2 fast clicks at the 

next/prev buttons will missinterpreted as a DC! I will create a better solution, so far keep this in mind! 


- A small but annoying MB are this 2 confusing views related to flex-change. In the main view they are displayed in numbers, but in other views, the little brother shows only ABCD... and there is no option to at least copy/paste/reset in this views, also a bank-selector is missing. Well, thats not a hurry MB, buts its on my agenda.


- Some samples are "distorted in self".  The first (for all of you free) xpander will not feature such "cancellations".


There is now a "how to import samples?" video:



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