(current version 1.2)

Wellenreiter (WR) is a fantastic sounding sampler / wavetable-synth!

It covers almost ALL kind of sounds in a fast reachable, nice way. You can use it as fast bred/butter-layout-tool or as the final "sound-giver" you really want. It has its own sound - character besides all well known real-samplers and millions of 3-oscillator-synths!


Also, the integrated "PHRASENDRESCHER light" is maybe the most powerful "arpeggiator" you have ever used: Easy control of harmony, melody, broken chords, pitch, groove, gate, velocity, voices...

And, if this not enough, and you want to modify the given notes, you can export the notes to your host-piano-roll as a midi-file in realtime by just clicking the "arm".

Export is ideal for creating "stack-sounds".


The numeric (advertising) -facts:


- 2 sample /wavetable-units.

- an integrated Phrasendrescher MK ZWO - XS (for single- and double-lines and even triads).

- a half Effekthascher in it (3 FX- and 1 Filter-units with 72/24 high quality FX/Filter-types)

-  freely routable FX-chain

-  fast and effective modulation-system

-  A fast global High/Low-Dry/Wet Filter.


- almost 1000 well crafted samples/wavetables in useful categories and the possibility to import 4x128 of your own samples.

- 14 Master-Snaps (each with 64 flex) = 896 presets in total

- high-efficiency GUI

- very CPU-friendly

- dozens others unique features -  you will only find in AM-products


- the unique AM-Flex-System (keep only one or several parts of the "preset" and skip only the rest).

- the unique AM-Flex-System (64 "presets" at your fingers (fully remote- and - automation-able in each modern host, even in sync).

- "humanized"- or "really-stunt"- envelopes, also some other editable  "playwise-artifcats"" as easy to use, editable FX...

- Pan/Stereo/EQ..."enhancer" 

- lot of easy to use "final-processors"

- fastest copy/paste / approximately the easiest way for A/B....G/H comparing!

- SMART "random"-system! (mostly useful stuff by just one click)


The most important question is approximately: How does it sound?

In one word fantastic;-) and it covers nearly all ranges of "synths"! 


But try your ears and not the promises of a seller;-) 

In a few day i will offer the first-look at YT. 



WARNING: WR is not an emulation-sampler! If you are looking for realistic-emulations, use MOTU or Kontakt... 


WR is a sample-based-synth with its own unique sound-character, its more a synth, than a sampler.

WR is only for for creative musicians - its possible to makle a "pluck" from a dirty bass! Or vice versa!