Effekthascher Update v 1.1 (1604-4)


- Some DLYs work first after a while: FIXED!

- The Labels of the Knobs don´t show the right name in some circumstances: FIXED!

- The Bank-Selector is not automate-remote-able under some circumtances: FIXED!

- "Paste to all 8 flex (= DC paste)", work only for Bank 1, all other banks dont get the order: FIXED!

- FX-order dont show / wire the right order in some templates: FIXED!

- XY-pad: The indicator (and its booth values) is not reset by each flex-change: FIXED!

- Random(s) and Default(s) dont address the wished parameters in all units: FIXED!




- Some knobs don´t have the "right intuitive" direction: IMPROVED!

- Automatic-Gain-Correction (AGC = only a theoretically ideal, but): IMPROVED!

- some new "patterns" for several "#-FX"

- Scope-View: Now also with horizontally zoom.

- Lot of FX overworked, some really deep!

- Alarm-clock has a delay from 10 seconds per hour: now only 1 second, i would say: IMPROVED!

- Lot of grammer, orthographic or even content by the "mouseover I" - descriptions are wrong: IMPROVED!





New and overworked FX:

1. A simple Vocoder (VOX).

2. A new nice ambient/room-fx. (the old one is now called HALL). It needs some cpu more than the other one, but i guess its worth:-)

3. A new transient-tool (TRANSIT). It tights or lengths the Attack and Release Phase separately, from subtle to drastically.

4. A simple FRQ-Shifter.  FRQ shifts the signal up/dwn - in exact middle, it has no effect. SHIFT adds an intern LFO which multiplies /dived the signal by factor 10 (of course not, if FRQ is in exact middle).

5. We replaced 2 "filters/FRQ-fx" from the drive-section to the last free filter-slots.




- More than a dozen of other "child-illness" fixed or improved.

- overworked GUI

- 3 new Factory-Snaps with each 64 flex (= 192 "presets" in summary). Now you can use EH "out of the box".  (The first FS was only an introducing-the-FX-Snap, but these ones should be usably in some cases!)



The manual and the stepper is still in work. No "fast" update for this so far;-) Sorry for delay!


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