Effekthascher 1.5

EH v 1.5 - news!



- one bigger and some minor Fixes / GUI-improvements

- overworking all 3 pitch-shift / pich-delay-Fx

- a new master-snap (=64 flex-presets), so now 596 flex in total available "out of the Box"!

- „Hardware-Support“ (= template) for Maschine



Under some circumstances (especially switching a MS) the „new“ flex dosnt sound as „saved“ - Fixed!*

The small packet-chooser in all views (except main and scope) did not show the correct number. - Fixed!

Some minor (GUI) bugs fixed.


NEW / OVERWORKED____________________

The Factory and the 3rd-Party MS are now in the same BANK (but showing different authors by the corresponding MS).

To switch between the factory(3rd party) bank and the user-bank, just press this button and the user-bank (my own) will appear / switch back.



All 3 Pitch-Dly / PitchShift-FX (=booth Pitch-Delays and the simple Pitch-Shifter) get replaced by new versions.

They are now labeled as PS/DLY 1-3


Valide for all 3 items: 

If Time = zero, they do not "delay" in any matter! In this case they are only working as pure, realtime "transpose"-Pitch-Shifter.

But all 3 versions with different algorithms. (#1 sounds comparing to #2 and #3 really different, but differences between 2 and 3 are more subtle.)

(Idk, each item has its own charm, but i would say as pure-shifter, #3 sounds as most originally mickymouse/darthvadder-like).


All 3 items uses now the 3rd knob, called "shift". This is giving (if greater zero) an "extra-voice" in a random pitch-shift (up/down to the "base" pitch-shift by knob #2).

As said all 3 items uses different algorithms to pitch-shift / pitch-delay.

If Time (and shift) equal zero, this will maybe dosnt sound very different (well #1 an #2,3 sounds even than different), 

but if any of this "xtra-knobs", or booth greater zero, you will hear a radical difference.:

If Time is greater than zero you get re-pitched delays, mixed to the incoming sound. 

If "Shift" is greater than zero, you get at least 2 real "simultan" re-pitched voices! If "shift" AND "time" > zero, 

you will get 2 "same-time" re-pitches, plus the "pseudo-voices" from the delay-string(s) and the originally sound!


PS-DLY 1 and 2 uses beat-delayed times (zero / and settings between 1/32 up to 2 bars (with dots and triolics). 

PS-DLY 3 is a short free-delay (from zero up to 1 second).

Each "shift" in each FX will sound very different from its "brothers".

In general #1 and #2 are more "smear" pitchers, # 3 sounds more "clear".


MARK: if you have own MS using the old "shifters" in some flex - this flex will NOT sound as before!

So, use EH 1.4 for all relevant (old) songs, but you should "upgrade" EH in the future / for new songs!


EXTRAS 1:____________________________________

There is a new MS (= new 64 flex), by Mike Schwarz.

This MS gives a nice introducing into the new Pitcher(s) and also 4 other packets specialized to grain-stuff and crazy delay-trips.

(= 4 "PITCH", 2 "Grain" and 2 "DLY" packets; all full with other FX too, but using the syntax, you will not hear the other „fx“ if the corresponding PKs are set to zero).


So, to test it, set all PK 3-6 and also X, Y to zero (set follow-mode to "keep") and use only the PK 1 and 2 to get an overview: 

Very strange, but really funny stuff;-) Especially for "stage-singer" / "rhyme-fighter" / DADA-"preacher" / other voice-acrobats....



EXTRAS 2:_________________________________________

There is now a template for Maschine 1 (called Effektivo).

Only the „master section (3 knobs, one button), Page 1 (called Perform 1) and the Pad-Page H are assigned so far.

The Packets- and Flex-Pads (in group H) are assigned as „direct jumper“ from eg. flex #03 (pack 1 / flex „3“)

directly to eg. flex #29 (pack 4 / flex „5“) and so on.


1. Put the „effektivo.ncm“ in your NI Controller Editor / Maschine (folder) 

2. Well, you have to assign it by hand the first time in your DAW. 


The advantage of this „template“ are the clear-names 

and that the packet / flex -pads uses (just out of the box) the correct values of the same CCs to jump to what you want 

with corresponding visual-lights on Maschine.



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