Welcome to a new way to "Preset"!

The Aggregati-Musika-Flexx-System is a new way to handle and interact with your presets, programm-changes, snapshots... however you want call it!


It has a lot of benefits comparing to other systems, but it will take some minutes to understand the whole concept.

(only work in progess-pictures)


First the terms and the hierarchy.


1. The Master-Preset (MP)

This is (technically) a normal preset, programm-change, snapshot... (in Reaktor we call it "snapshot").

In the AM-flexx-system each MP is a big container. In the picture below MP #001 is selected. 


2. Banks

Each MP host 8 Banks. In the GUI you will see (in the main-views) a small 8-field-area with a name in cleartext. 


(This is a scaled working-picture from Wellenreiter in work) The olive-colored "Keyz" indicates that Bank #4 is selected. (click to select a bank or draw to change the Label for a better orientation; use a row of buttons/pads or a knob/fader to remote it). 



3. The "Flex"

Each bank host 8 "flex", called ABCD... These flexxies are elements, which you approximately would most associated with regularly presets, snaps.... And you are right, but read this first:


In the picture flex F (= #6) is selected. (click to select; use a row of buttons/pads or a knob/fader to remote it).



In fact that means that flex #30 is selceted (each bank-jump accumulated 8 numbers to the 8 possible flex-settings in this case 0+8+8+8 = 24, plus #6 for flex F = #30 in general). Dont worry, you dont need this math, its only for showing that all flex have an individuel ID, all will done without any carrying from you.

End of Exkurse!


But what is a flex exactly?

In the most cases it works like a regularly preset: It saves* your settings and will recall it. But a flex is much more! You can remote/automate all the flexxies by host-click or hw, you can switch to another flex only for some elements (all others will keep, as they are, with so called keepers**), you can copy/paste/reset new flexxies, you can even batch-copy/paste a setting to your whole current bank. In this case you will get 8 identically settings, ideal as a startpoint for fine-adjust and compare A-H.


And thats not all, there are the so called:


**4. Keepers

Keepers are an elegant way to twist/merge/combine... your flexxies. Lets say you have in eg Effekthascher 2 fx-slots and a filter-setting, you want "keep" - but you want also to hear it in combination with other flexxies. Simple switch the (F / K) button for the unit(s) you want to keep (or to follow) and all flex-changes will handle as you wished: Either the old settings for your "unit(s)" will keep (K), or the regularly settings, associated with the new ID, will re-call and set (F).


You want in Filly Wonka keeping BD1 and snare/clap2 and also some mixer and SQ-settings? No prob, "keep" this and all the flex-changes will not reflect this "units".

You want in Wellenreiter only keep the settings of sampler1 and FX3 - its the same: keep it and jump as you want, only all other parameters get "re-freshed", but not the keep-ones...


In this (scaled) working picture only the middle fx and the envelopes will "follow/recall", becuase they are set to (F). The LFOs and the other fx will keep (K) as they are. Dosnt matter if you switch in only one bank, from eg 2-6 or using all 64 flex, from eg 21-57... Only the (F)-ones will re-call their specific settings on this specific ID.

BTW: the numbers behind the fx-names indicating the position in the fx-chain, and yeah this green/blue eye-cancer... its a working picture;)


If you found via this way a really great setting, you maybe want to consolidate this. Im working on a simple consolidate button, but its not so easy as i thought. (dont know why, is a simple order-batch-process, but all my tryings so far, dosnt work...) Anyway, in the meantime click first copy, than switch all (K) to (F), than say paste (the order is important). (if you want it for the whole bank: doubleclick paste). 


The AM-flex makes your DAW-Adventures/Working much more easy.


*1. Saving

Dont waste time (worries) about saving. Each time you switch to another flex, the settings in the flex before are automatically "saved", but not "globally stored". You can undo (reset) it.


All changings on all 64 flex will automatically "saved" by your DAW, but only for this song/instances. It will never reflect other instances.

For me its in 97,8% exactly i want/expect.


If you want more than 64 settings or want make a master-preset "solid" for new instances, you can go the old way: Set the ensemble to "edit-view", save the snapshot in Reaktor itself and dont forget to save Reaktor (the ensemble) itself. In this case you will get a new MP (snap) with 64 new settings for all new instances.

There is a shortcut, you can doubleclick the save-button beside the MP number: this will Overwrite your current MP (saves the time for set to edit and found the snap-window, but even than, you have to save reaktor/the ensemble itself!!!!!! dont forget it!)


2. Remote/Automate

lot of Plugs, Devices, AUs... dosnt have a way to remote presets, snaps..... Some have, but even this make of lot problems by automating a preset/snap change, only via PC, dosnt set the corresponding HW (DAW-remote-knobs), especially if there a lot switches in it.... This is now history!

A flex-change is for a DAW not other than turning a knob. Naja, a little bit more it is: There are mostly lots of on/off/re-switches and this take a short period of extra cpu-power! Really short, but long enough for producing clicks on really weak maschines. 

But dont worry on a halfway modern computer my plugs dosnt produces hiccups, but if you generally riding on hard wind, lets say 66% a flex change can producing a hiccup, ergo click. 

For this and for other reasons you cannot free-time flex-changes, the shortest period is a 64tel note. 

BTW: of course i forgot: You can quantized changing a flex (go to options) and you can even flex-change by a special intern "32-point-stepper" from 2 bars to 64 bars.


3. Flexxies

Well, they are what they called. You can twist/merge/combine... old and new settings for activated "units" only, or not. Test new and old settings for special units with the other flexxies on the fly....



Phrasendrescher uses in the current version an old 2x8 system. I will update it to my general flex-system (it needs lot of rewires (and modifications) = high concentrating hours, maybe days. But it will come and also a lot of other benefits i have on my agenda.)

But before this,  i´m focused to my new kids.