These Instruments & Effekts are already available or we plan to release in 2017!

is a complete "composition-suite" in one compact GUI. It creates progressions, cadences, rhythm-chords, bass- or melodic-lines... in high flexible ways. You can also use it as a CC (remote) step-sequencer.....





is a drummaschine - stepsequencer-combo. It supports swing/grooves/pre-delays for all tracks separately and you can combine every kit with every sequence or create your own stunning ones in record-time and a lot of fun...


Still in Developing!



is a group-, sum-, glue-, max-, master-specialist. It will have  the same easy to use GUI like Effekthascher, but its specialized for sum-signals and high filigran multi-freqeuncy-work. 


Still in Developing!


is a multi-fx-performance-maschine. You can use it as a subtle-sound-enhancer or as a drastically-tweak-fx-jump-maschine in realtime. Over than 70 high quality fx and more than 20 exquisite filters are start-ready to your wishes....





is the little sister of Wackelpudding. Its only a trigger-baby, without producing any sound by itself. But it feed your favorite drummaschine with the "tightest" or the "wonkiest" beats in probably the smartest workflow you have ever used...


Still in Developing!


is a sample-based ambient, industrial, score, soundscape, textures, collages... machine with 4 sample-slots, 4 FX/Filter units (96 types overall) and a high-flexible modulation-system. The AM-Flex-System is also available!





is a dual-sampler/wavetable-synth. More than 20 filters and 3 slots for hosting over 70 fx and an extrem advanced modulation-system  - are these really the same samples i used in the setting before?...



There will also come other stuff in the next years!

We don´t have any release dates and don´t promise that this new items will compatible with Reaktor v5. Maybe you will than need Reaktor v6!