After the buying-process you will get soon two email-notifications: One from paypal, one from us!



This is necessary, because you will get your personal download-link in a special-email after we have verified your buying.

If you don't get your "buy-recognition", you will also not get your personal-validation-mail, including your download-link (except in your spam-folder). 


Dort worry,

The manual validation of your purchase can take up to 72 hours. We do not have a 24/7 office.

If there is no manual validation (including your links) after this period: First check your spam-folder!

If this is not the solution - than email to:

Write in the header something like: AM-purchase-issue!

(This is also explained in the first automatically email from us).



And a last "dont worry":

We don't ask your personal data during the buying-process, that does Paypal for us.

But there is an mail-functional "necessary" country/state-request:  you can only "choose" germany! 

Let it simple on its state, it absolutely doesnt matter: You will get your contract of sale direct from paypal, not from us, and in this contract all your data will be correct.